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Fẹ́mi Awojide

Fẹ́mi Awójídé, a London-based cinematographer, is a versatile artist whose work is inspired by a harmonious blend of influences from the Arts, Photography, Science, and the serendipitous moments of everyday life. With a degree in Physics, Fẹ́mi perceives his craft as a conduit of transferable energy, capable of producing real-time effects on the audience. Holding a master's degree in Advanced Multimedia and 3D Technologies, specializing in Visual Effects, from Brunel University in West London, Fẹ́mi's technical prowess and creative vision coalesce to shape visuals that transcend mere aesthetics.

With a steadfast belief in the emotive power of cinematography, Fẹ́mi's philosophy hinges on merging technical expertise with artistic finesse. His work not only elevates storytelling but also deeply resonates with viewers, evoking profound emotions and propelling narratives forward. Fẹ́mi perceives cinematography as an art form with the potential to leave an indelible impact on audiences.

Raised in Lagos, Fẹ́mi has embraced the vibrant cosmopolitan landscape of London as his current home. This multicultural backdrop enriches his ability to capture diverse stories through his lens, infusing his work with a global perspective and unique cultural insights.

Fẹ́mi's dedication to his craft is unwavering, and his commitment to excellence is evident in every project he undertakes. Whether it's a brand campaign, music video, or feature film, Fẹ́mi seamlessly combines technical precision and a passion for evocative storytelling. With him as your cinematographer, your project will transcend expectations, immersing audiences in a visually captivating world that resonates on a profound level.